When testing new products, new styling techniques, new environments and tools it can get quite confusing remember what worked and what didn't! So, the importance of having a dedicated wash day diary for optimal curl results, is exactly why I've created this template for you!

Over the years, I have tried HUNDREDS of products alongside dozens of techniques and now know which work best depending on the results I'm looking for, the season I'm in or the location I'm traveling. Having a consistent diary of your hair care routine will help ensure that your curls get the moisture and nourishment they need while unlocking your full curl potential no matter the situation!


With the help of my Wash Day Diary you'll start to track all of those crucial details with minimal effort!

This will help you determine what's working and what might need to be changed in future wash day routines (even as the temps, humidity, seasons, etc change) and then you can come back to those fave wash days exactly when you want them.

Get started on this journey together in achieving beautiful, bouncy, defined curls each and every time!

Included in this purchaseĀ you will receive:

  • a pre-filled example of one of my favorite wash days I've done, along with some mistakes I've made in the past/have now changed.
  • Your very own template to use digitally or print out for your own binder or journal!

Wash Day Diary


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