Patio Remodel with Bed Bath & Beyond

lifestyle shop Jun 10, 2019

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Bed Bath & Beyond and as always, everything you read here reflects my own thoughts and opinions.

Anyone else love to just hang out on a restaurant patio with a cocktail in hand, but yet you just don’t want leave the house? This is literally me on the daily now a days! We’ve slowly been making our patio into an outdoor living space since we moved into our home almost 4 years ago, but this year, we wanted to add a spot where we could eat, entertain, and also work with our laptops with a little bit of shade during the week!

Luckily, Bed Bath & Beyond came to the rescue with their brand new in-store seasonal treasures section! Bed Bath & Beyond just released their store remodel in the Madison West location, where you walk in and immediately see all sorts of fun treasures! But here’s the deal, you won’t find them online! I know….crazy! They have all sorts of incredibly affordable home decor for in the home and out, furniture big and small, and all sorts of seasonal items! AAAAAND, I was thiiiiissssssss close to missing my new iron patio table, because I wasn’t being decisive…go figure! Thankfully, the very last one was hiding in the back, so Bill, the store manager, SAVED THE DAY!!! Go, Bill!

Bill, walked me through the store and not only did they have this fantastic new seasonal and limited supply section, but they also have added a try before you buy section in bedding. You can now take down any hanging comforter and place it on one of the display beds so you can envision what it will look like in your own home, kind of a “try before you buy” process. I thought this was so nice, considering it can be pretty difficult to figure out bedding when it’s stuffed in a plastic bag.

You can also now see clear across into other sections of the store, because they lowered most of those insanely high, towering walls they used to have in every aisle that made my 4’11” self feel like an ant. The new, lower aisles and sections make the store feel so much more open and easier to navigate.

Incredible In-Store Customer Service

Everyone in store was incredibly helpful and friendly…and that’s not an exaggeration…EVERYONE was SOOOOOO helpful. I bring this up, because I know I’m not the only one who values exceptional customer service. I felt like everyone went above and “beyond” (laugh, it’s punny) and had a smile on their face while doing so. So, if you were one of the associates helping us, I want to say, “Thank you! I appreciate it more than you know!” Here’s a picture of everyone after we checked out, Bill was busy, so just the ladies here!

Of course, my little civic wouldn’t fit my new patio set, so luckily Kelsie’s truck came through and she helped me pick this bad boy up, so we can now have all the sangria on our patio this summer!

Patio Remodel Time

I was so pumped to get our new table setting all put together, so we can start having all of the parties! Not only did we find the perfect patio table set, but Bed Bath & Beyond had the cutest place settings, pillows, and outdoor serve-ware to bring everything together! We’re officially ready for summer! Now, who’s ready to go shopping? I think it’s time for the next project, what about you?!

Cheers, girlies!

With all the love,